Don't sell yourself short
Think longform

Listening is
cool again

Podcasts have evolved the way people listen to audio and when they listen to it. Our once tiny appetite for the quick takeaway soundbyte has developed into a hunger for an all-out audible degustation.

Whether you’re an individual with an idea or a brand with a goal, we take the time to work out if your idea has legs and an audience willing to follow, before we go ahead and make anything.

What we offer

Our job is to make sure you’re heard, and we can do that in a number of different ways.


Wonder if your idea is original or if there’s a market for it? We’ll assess the podcast landscape and tell you what our ears have found.


We can produce your podcast if it all gets a little too much. Let us manage everything from the editing to the guest wrangling.


Have someone lined up for your podcast, but they’ve never hosted one before? We can work with your talent to get them up to scratch.


We work with brands and individuals to come up with original podcasts or help develop content for exisiting shows.


We can put you in the right places and with the right people to make sure your podcast finds the ears it deserves.


Have a podcast idea but no host? We can use our industry connections and private database to cast a voice for your idea.


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