Client: Accenture Song BeLux

Aphasia is a little known condition that affects parts of the brain related to speech. It is caused by a stroke or head injury and can happen to anyone. It is not considered an ‘official’ handicap so people with this condition cannot rely on financial support.

Raising awareness about aphasia is a task well suited to audio, and we were eager to make this spot the clearest and most effective it could be.

The listener is accustomed to hearing articulate, fluid communication in this radio context, therefore the treatment decided on was designed to attract attention by implementing the opposite approach. The contrast between the struggling human and the eloquent machine – the vocal assistant giving the definition of aphasia – emphasises the harsh incapacitating consequences of losing your ability to speak.

With a small production and media budget, the campaign was picked up by other aphasia associations nationally and internationally to be used in their own communications and fund raising, multiplying the reach after initial broadcast.




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