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Soothers, the Aussie throat lozenge, had become more of a candy than a cure over the years and had been deleted from 1/3 of all supermarket shelves. Rather than try and compete with our more medicated competitors, we became the brand that could soothe every type of sore throat no matter what the cause.

To prove this on radio, we partnered with our media agency and radio networks to run an ad every day by targeting events in the news and days on the calendar. So no matter if the cause of your sore throat was screaming too much at a Justin Bieber concert, impersonating Chewbacca on May 4th (aka International Star Wars Day) or a marathon karaoke session with your boss – we were there to soothe it.

At the end of our campaign, Soothers had successfully forced their way back onto the supermarket shelves and proved Soothers could soothe an everyday sore throat, every day.

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